Regular Strengths Affirmation

August 10, 2015

Our strengths are always on. When we affirm them regularly, we fortify our worldview and make it difficult for limiting thoughts to creep in.

It’s easy to see how negative affirmations work in our world. Just look to the person in your life whose mantras are something to the tune of “I just can’t catch a break” or “Life is difficult”. These folks generally don’t catch breaks and lead difficult lives.

When we repeat a thought—any thought—over and over again it stays fresh in our minds, and because of that it becomes easy to find examples of it in the world. In brief, the more we think about something the more likely we are to find it.

Let’s try this. Let’s walk to the nearest busy intersection and begin looking for blue cars. Chances are, when we get there we will find more blue cars than we have ever seen. Why’s that? Because we had something specific to look for, something precise to tune our attention to.

This can be done with anything. Especially our strengths. And, by regularly affirming them we are, literally, tuning our minds to find more of them—not just in ourselves, but in others too.

An affirmation can be simple and general, “That was me being a learner/includer/developer, and I rocked it.”

Or, because our strengths give us specific language and precise words to frame around our experience, we can really hone in on a core quality. An activator can say, “I took these actions, had these results, and am eager for more.” Or, someone with self-assurance can say, “I knew I was capable, I accomplished this, this, and this—I know I am on the right path.”

In every case, and with every strength, when we affirm its role in our life, it becomes easier and easier to find.

Each time we repeat a thought that validates our greatness our ability to see that greatness increases. What are your strengths? In what ways do you affirm their magic in your life?

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