The Strength of Our Thoughts

August 05, 2015

When we mold our thinking around our strengths, we are liberated to become more of who we already are.

Each new event in our lives shapes our thinking. Like pressing a thumb or a pencil into clay, life literally leaves us with series of impressions. Our daily experiences create the molds in which our thoughts are formed. Whatever these “shapes” may be, they can became limiting to our greatness when they are not framed around our strengths.

This can mean the difference between seeing a situation as a learning experience—a chance to learn more about how you operate—and seeing it as a reason to quit your job and find a nice damp cave to hide in for the rest of eternity. (Who hasn’t at one time or another made a mountain out of a molehill?)

Our cultural obsession with “improving weaknesses” can lead us into a line of thinking that cranks out feelings of forever being less-than. However, when we focus on our strengths, we create spaces (and spaciousness) in our minds for affirming our own excellence.

In this way, when examples of our greatness arrive (say, for example, a compliment or a big win at work) we are ready to embrace it and say, “Yes! This IS who I am!” Instead of, perhaps, the old mantra, “I got lucky. I’ll try not to screw this up now…”

Living from a place of affirmation and strength means that we don’t ever have to try to be good at everything, instead we can make room in our vision to see—in our strengths—where we are, indeed, great.

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