The Strength Within

August 06, 2015

When we stop looking for life’s ‘user manual’, our inner resources, whose foundation is our strengths, can guide us.

One way or another, we have all felt at times like we’ve been put through the ringer of life. For some, it is an emotional ringer, for others it’s a physical, mental, or spiritual one. For most of us, it depends on the day.

Either way, at some point or another, it becomes clear that there probably isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to our challenges. A solution for one person might not be so for their neighbor. And that is where our strengths come in.

When we look to our strengths, we are looking to our prime operating system—our inner path-of-least-resistance, so to speak. These are the natural ways that we view and interact with the world…and whether we like it or not, they are always on.

A positive person, for example, doesn’t try to be positive. They simple are positive, it is their way. (True, situations might pressure this person to suppress their positivity, they may even be shamed for it, but that does not turn it off—it simply makes it less visible to others.) Similarly, a competitive person doesn’t consciously summon that quality when they arrive at a situation. No way, they simply show up, and there it is.

Our strengths are not the glasses that we view the world through, rather, our strengths are our eyes themselves. They reach down to our core and connect us to what is outside of ourselves. They show us what is and always has been there. Asking at every turn, “How can our greatness be affirmed in this moment?”

How much momentum would be added to our lives if we developed a reflex that asked, “How can my unique strengths bring value to this situation?” Or, “How can my way of seeing the world bring clarity to this conversation?”

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