Strengths and Priorities

August 19, 2015

When we focus on our strengths we can let go of the rest.  All of it.   

Consider the difference between fishing with a net and fishing with a plastic bag.  As we dragged the net through water it would mainly let everything pass through it except for what we had intended to catch—fish.  The plastic bag, meanwhile, would collect everything without discretion.  It would let nothing go, filling almost instantly, collecting and overflowing until it burst.

A net is designed to do one thing—capture the big stuff and let the little stuff go.  Among other things, a net knows all about priorities.

Our strengths, like a net drawing fish out of the water, provide us with the “big stuff” to focus on.  They point us to the quickest routes for new and meaningful opportunities for growth and change.  By focusing our attention on specific points that we can observe, they save us the trouble of thinking that we can do everything.  They say, “You do this and this really well.  And if you focus on that, you won’t care about that other stuff.”

Because our strengths are always on, when we look for them, they are easy to find.  We don’t have to spend long with someone who is high in Woo to observe it in action.  Similarly, when we consciously seek examples of our own strengths, we notice how pervasive they are.  And the more we notice them, the more relevant they grow.  Each strength is a focal point.  If we feel lost, they are likely the easiest qualities to spot, and from there we can change our course.

That is, through this type of mindfulness we develop a sensitivity to their messages and guidance.  By force of awareness alone, we can begin to shift into a consistent worldview where we are seeing strengths everywhere—focusing on them and letting everything else go.  Incrementally, we develop a deeper sense of our greatness.

We begin to see our strengths and others’ strengths more vividly on our radars.  And, increasingly, we develop the reaction to consciously live in them.  This way, we are no longer operating on auto-pilot.

That is, we prioritize a strengths-view of the world.  We prioritize greatness (BIG) over everything else: fear, uncertainty, lack, boredom, “weakness” (little).  Like that, at the end of the day, it would be difficult to argue against this view.

Net vs. bag.  Net wins.  Every time…

All the same, how often are we fishing with a bag?  More importantly, when are we using the net?  And, what elements go into the creation of this mindset?

By the way, what rivers are we fishing in?  Are our strengths pointing us toward new waters?  A pond?  A lake?  An ocean?

Be your greatness. Start. Do. Go.

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