Strengths and Direction 

August 21, 2015

The strengths connect us with our infinite potential.  They provide a roadmap to sharing this gift with others.

To maximize efficiency, African dung beetles use the Milky Way to orient themselves in what is otherwise complete darkness.  It functions as their map and allows them to roll their balls of dung along perfectly straight lines into impeccable spheres.  Pretty impressive.

And, let’s unpack this for a second…

An insect the size of a penny uses the light of an entire galaxy to accomplish its goal.

Not only do they get their job done, they do what they were literally born to do—roll dung.  More than that, they have a reliable, permanent fixture in place that aids them in doing so.

That is the strengths…right?

The strengths are like a constellation, an inner-map that is available to us all by simply tuning in to it.  Like the stars, they are and always have been there.  They are our built in GPS, one by which we can navigate life—any and all of it.

Like the night skies, we don’t need to completely understand our strengths in order to make use of them.  In fact, isn’t mystery itself part of what we value in ourselves and in nature—two things that at once can appear infinitely complex and simple.

In some ways, our strengths are as alive as we are and continue to evolve and mature alongside us. Sometimes all that we need to remember is that they are there and that somewhere—even a million miles away—there is light coming into our lives.  Light.

And, while we may relate to the beetle on the ground level—in that rolling dung into a ball may feel like our lives some days—the ‘job’ here is not what is important.

What’s important is how we can relate to the beetle on the celestial level.  That the task, which could be any task, is made possible by the presence of something that is immeasurably larger than the bug, which could be any bug—including us.

Could it be that through the strengths we are given access to potential that is unlimited, ever-present, and growing?

How do we orient ourselves in the darkness?  Who or what functions as our Milky Way?  Are we, ourselves, a Milky Way in someone else’s life?  Where in our lives is their light coming in?

 Be your greatness. Start. Do. Go.

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