Strengths and Visibility

August 25, 2015

Our strengths provide a light, which reveals what is essential and blocks out all the rest.

Based on data from NASA’s Kepler space module, there are an estimated 60 billion planets in our galaxy alone that could support life. To put that into perspective, if a grain of rice represented each planet, we could fill 30 average-sized homes from floor to ceiling.

Or, think about everyone on the globe. If earth has 8 billion people on it, we are talking about 7.5 times that many planets above our heads.

Depending on your strengths, this thought might be energizing, terrifying, totally irrelevant, or somewhere in between. Either way, like earth, those planets are in systems orbiting stars. Lots of stars, lots of planets, lots of open space. Right?

Then there is this: Pretty much everything in that equation is completely undetectable from earth. Sure, we can see some stars…but 60 billion planets?

So much of what is there, we cannot see.

More than that, the sun blocks out most of what can be seen from here during the day. And, if we live in cities, we know that their electric glow too can hide the night sky.

It’s a miracle that we ever see any stars at all…

What’s interesting is that, here, we’re talking about something being concealed by light as opposed to darkness. We’ve all stumbled through darkness, so, how often does it happen that illumination hides something?

Imagine, for a moment, that the 34 strengths are each stars in the constellation that creates us and our worldview. Our top strengths are our sun, the rest are the stars behind it, which might be other people’s suns. But not ours.

When it comes down to it, at the right distance, a star becomes a sun. And its light creates life.

Our strengths are our ever-orbiting, self-sustaining, perpetual life-forces. Look for them and there they are. They are easy to spot. They block out the rest and make thriving more possible.

In the battle between lights—the brightest one wins. And, in the world of strengths, where there are no weaknesses, it’s all light. One person’s sun is another’s star—both strengths.

In that way, it is by brilliance itself that some things are hidden.

That is to say, our strengths are our brightest lights. They don’t say, “This is right and that is wrong.” No. They say, “It’s all light, and these here are your brightest ones. Focus on them.”

What stars are nearest to us? What are our suns? Are we denying the bright light in our face because we’re trying to see the tiny stars in the distance?

Be your greatness. Start. Do. Go.

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