Strengths and Choice

August 27, 2015

Each time we choose to live in our strengths, we are choosing to change the patterns of our thinking and our lives.

Let’s take a moment, right here and right now, to close our eyes for 20 seconds and not think about anything.  Twenty, nineteen, eighteen, seventeen…

How was that?

Notice how without any effort at all thoughts arise?  Isn’t the very attempt to “not think” itself a type of thought?

We have, on average, 50,000 thoughts a day.  That’s right, fifty thousand thoughts every day.  Including weekends and holidays.

That means, if we are awake for sixteen hours, we think 50 thoughts per minute—all day long.

It might be worth asking ourselves, if we are always processing ideas at this velocity, “Where do they all come from?”  And, more importantly, “What is their fuel?”

By choosing to tune our minds to a strengths perspective we are putting our thoughts in touch with a language and a set of ideas that promotes our greatness.  We are choosing strengths-fuel.

And, happily, when we choose to live in our strengths, we don’t need to change everything all at once.  In fact, we don’t even need to change a single action at first—we just need to begin adjusting our thoughts.  The actions will flow naturally later.

Gearing our thinking toward the strengths means making a conscious intent to respond to life with a strengths reaction.  This usually means pausing and asking ourselves some questions when a challenge arises.  Take, for example, that person who gets under our skin, or that deadline at work, or that to-do list that keeps growing…

In these circumstances, we might pause, consider our strengths, and ask: What is our pattern here?  In the past, how have we reacted to stressors such as these?  Has that response worked?  Was it sustainable?

Even if we react, at first, as we always have, we created an intent, at the very least, to raise an awareness of our reaction.  After a while, by practicing this, we become less likely to be and feel pushed around by life.

Not living in our strengths can mean doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  So…

What messages are we repeating to ourselves throughout the day?  What is our dominant thought?  How could it be classified?  Are we in active pursuit of our greatness?  Are we working toward thought patterns that promote a strengths reflex?

Be your greatness. Start. Do. Go.

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