Strengths and Self

September 1, 2015

By developing a strengths mindset we become more and more aware of our true selves and how we add value to the world.

Encouraging our own greatness takes practice. First, we have to know that what we are looking at is real. We must figure out what our truth is. After all, how helpful would it be to affirm what is false or only for show?

That is, as we develop a deeper and deeper understanding of our true greatness, we begin to cultivate an awareness of whether we are striving to become more of who we are (strengths) or more like someone else (not strengths).

The latter is normal enough in our day, age, and culture. We need only open a magazine to see countless examples of how we “should” be. Just by turning on the TV we hear the endless flow of ideas about how much better it would be to be more like another person. We are exposed to more than 5,000 ads each day.

The message all too often being that we could always be “more” of something that we are not as opposed to more of something that we already are.

That is the difference between living in our strengths and living outside of them, denying them. Are we striving to become the best versions of ourselves or striving to become the best version of someone else?

The more we focus on our strengths, the more we disregard the old lies about our true value being elsewhere. Our true value is already here, ever-present, in the strengths. Why’s that?

Because we learn that we grow most and quickest in our areas of strength. That’s why. It’s no secret that we, humans, are not a one-size-fits-all creature. However, the noise we receive from ads and others can make it difficult to discern what our “size” truly is. That is why the language of the strengths is so important. It’s unifying and it stays on message.

The strengths don’t say, “Sure, maybe you’re good at meeting people…but wouldn’t you like to be good at meeting people AND have killer abs? You’d be much happier then…”

No, the strengths say, “You are really good at meeting people, it’s your talent, it’s a natural part of who you are, it’s your way, it’s YOU…so DO IT MORE!”

The strengths and the language of the strengths give us concrete ideas to focus on. We no longer have to feel like mysteries to ourselves, subject to the whims of culture and the negativity of others. The more we craft an awareness of our strengths, the more we witness our greatness and the more we can hone in on—and be intentional about—becoming who we really are. That, all by itself, is a form of confidence.

And the more confident we grow in who we are, the more the opinions of others become background noise.

What is our dominant message about who we are? What messages are we giving ourselves about who we are becoming? Where did these messages come from? Are we tuning in to the right channels?

Be your greatness. Start. Do. Go.

2 thoughts on “Strengths and Self

    1. Thank you, Maggie! So much of life feels “perfectly duh” through the lens of our strengths. It’s like, “Figure out what makes you feel alive. Find ways to do it more. Be happy.” The strengths give us language to identify that first part, once that is done, the rest falls into place when we focus on it. Your blog is awesome too!


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