Strengths and Focus

September 3, 2015

The strengths give us specific points to focus on, from there we are able to develop a larger, clearer vision for our greatness and put action behind it.

What is the main difference between a professional marathoner and a professional bodybuilder?  From the outside, it’s clear that something is different.  Yet, on a very basic level, they both have the same fundamental elements—same number of limbs, fingers, and toes.  A head with features.  A torso with organs. Ideas. A voice.

Still, stand them side-by-side, and, again, we would be crazy to call them the same…or even similar.

What’s different—the main difference—is their focus and where they’ve applied their energy.  And, if their focus is different, then likely their vision is too.  Vision, here, being where their intention meets their goal.

The marathoner, for example, focuses on running each day and has clear visions of 26.2 miles of pavement and trails.  They probably do not have visions of being on stage flexing spray-tanned muscles.  No, they likely focus on running and think about what it takes to be a better runner.

In this way, the marathoner’s focus aligns with their vision.  And when both focus and vision are in sync, action comes naturally, which is the key.

Most of us know what it is like to lose focus, to burn out, or to feel lost.  We also probably know what it’s like to be so overwhelmed by options that it feels easier to simply do nothing than to choose just one!

Either way, without a goal to focus on, we risk floating through our days.  And, without a specific focus it is impossible to develop a broader vision.  And, absent of these twin elements, feeling confident in our actions can be a challenge.

The strengths provide us with specific points to focus on.  Not only that, they provide us with key definitions of otherwise amorphous qualities—maximizer, harmony, significance, for example.  This gives us a foundation to move forward with in our thinking. And thought leads to action.

The fact of a shared language around strengths allows us to connect with others about where we are similar—and, where we are different, we learn that we can create synergy with others by pairing our differences. In this way we pool our inner-resources and help others and ourselves achieve great things.

From the outside, sure, we might all look pretty similar.  But, if we’ve interacted with even one person today—which we probably have—we know that the aims of others are usually not our own.  And, the strengths tell us that that is okay…no, better than okay, it’s great.

The bodybuilder and the marathoner accomplish two incredibly different objectives because their focus aligns with their vision, which paves the way for their actions.

Trying to feel happy and fulfilled while living someone else’s idea of your best self, is like a bodybuilder training like a marathoner and still hoping to snag the trophy.

Our strengths point us toward our focus.  When we tune into them, they tell us where to start looking for our greater vision.

What is our focus today?  What was our dominant thought?  Did we wake up with a goal of any sort?  Do we have a vision of how we would like to grow and evolve? Does our focus align with this vision?

Be your greatness. Start. Do. Go.

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