Strengths and Moving Forward


October 19, 2015

As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.


So much of life is about perspective. Imagine, for example, a giant maze.

First, let’s imagine ourselves at the center of it trying to find the exit. Now, let’s imagine ourselves in a hot air balloon floating above it.

Clearly, one the perspective makes it easier to solve than the other. From the air, the whole picture can be seen all at once—dead ends can be avoided, shortcuts can be determined, and a birds-eye strategy can be deployed.

Perspective, right?

Obviously, life would be easier if we always had that type of view, one where we could see and evaluate everything all at once. Easier, maybe, but more meaningful?

No, really, are we here to have an easy life?

Some would argue that we are here to be challenged and to grow, evolve, and learn from having direct interactions with each other and the world.

And, for the record, challenges and suffering are separate experiences. It is unlikely that we are here to suffer. Instead, it may be, that we are here to overcome obstacles in our paths and to rise into greater and greater versions of ourselves.

Zooming in…

When we are in the maze, that is where life happens. Because of our perspective—on the ground—we take wrong turns and walk the same path over and over (thinking it’s a new one) and feel every variety of emotion.

However frustrating or rewarding this process is, the more we do and experience first-hand, the greater our perspective grows. In this way, we build an inner-map of life—and as we create that sense of orientation within us the world opens up for us.

The strengths are our tools in the process. They are what we do best and they are where we grow most. Sure, we could put our time and energy into developing other tools, but we wouldn’t evolve at the same rate.

Imagine a baby looking at a person riding a bike and saying, “I could never do that…”

That’s us sometimes with our lives! We look at what lies before us and think, “No way…”

When we feel that way, we could think of the baby. Because, from our perspective we can easily look at him or her and say, “Sure, you will be able to ride a bike someday, there’s just a bunch of other things that you need to learn first—like holding your own head up, for starters.”

Now, let’s look at our lives. We are likely involved in something or another that resembles a maze. That is, we are likely facing a complex situation that has no clear path where we sit.

What is our perspective? Is doing nothing an option? If not, what is the first, simplest step forward? Are we trying to control variables that we couldn’t possibly manage? Is there anything that is really standing in our way? Is it likely that someday we will look back on today and say, “I can’t believe I thought that was such a big deal?” Or, “I am so glad that I just kept plowing ahead?”

Be your greatness. Start. Do. Go.

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