Strengths Life at Gallup


Strengths: Different Paths to the Same Destination

 Strengths allow us to understand the way others contribute to the world.

Toward the center of our galaxy — about 2 billion light years away — is a supermassive black hole named PDS 456. It’s something so huge it can barely be quantified.

So, how big is it?

Every second, the winds that swirl around PDS 456 conduct more energy than a trillion suns.  Impressive as that fact is — and as small as it might make us feel in comparison — what we do with our lives still matters. We make a difference. We live and interact with others every day. So, what we do, say and think impacts those we interact with –- and the world at large around us.

This is where embracing strengths becomes enormously useful in click for full text.

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