Part 1 | Strengths and Alchemy

PerspectiveLifeEDITFebruary 22, 2016 

5 Ideas, 3 Questions, and an Action

Five Ideas

Food for thought to start the week: Words become us. They literally become physical parts of our bodies. Maybe there’s more to it in scientific terms, but in basic terms: There’s an alchemy to the formation of thoughts.

Alchemy is the process of turning one material into another through a seemingly magical transformation or re-creation.

Think of it like this: Sounds are vibrations. When a word is spoken it travels through the air as a vibration and hits the eardrum where tiny bones translate the sound through fluid to the auditory nerve where it is converted into electricity. That is phase one: A vibration transforms into electricity.

Phase two is when that electricity, which is made up of neurons and synapses, creates new brain cells in a process known as neurogenesis. That is, electricity is converted into physical matter.

So, it begs the question: If the vibrations of our words and the electrical impulses of our thoughts become physical parts of our bodies, does it pay to be more mindful of how we use our speech?

Three Questions

If I had the power to turn a lump of clay into anything else, what would it be?

What are three things in my life that I am grateful for?

Are there areas of my life where I am standing in my own way?

An Action

Desired Result: To Experience Teleportation

Concrete Action: It’s not science fiction, it’s real and practicing this simple action is one of the best ways of strengthening your powers of visualization.  In fact, it’s like bringing your imagination into the weight room, which is important because any solution to any challenge is a product of the imagination.  That means, the stronger our imaginations are, the stronger our solutions shall be.  So, try this: Lie on your back on your bed or couch at a time when the room is quiet.  Close your eyes and bring your mind back to a previous bed or couch from your past.  Choose a time and place that is generally happy.  Focus your mind and your attention on this memory and practice feeling yourself there—in the past—by reimagining the room as if you were in it.  Focus your mind on the things that you remember about the room: the light, the colors, the feeling of being there.  Give yourself a few minutes of deep breaths, truly focusing your mind as if you were really back in that previous room.  Let your mind allow you to believe that you are actually back in it.  Practice this a few days in a row.  It can be exciting and surprising to open your eyes and find yourself back in the real room.

Be your greatness. Start. Do. Go.

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Zach Carlsen is the grateful lead blogger at

His strengths of Ideation, Connectedness, Input, Strategic, and Empathy have taken him all over the world. He is an inventor, athlete, joyous wanderer/wonderer, translator, poet, and Strengths Consultant.

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    1. Thank you! It is my goal to create content that resonates with people and adds value to their lives. I pour my heart into these pieces, grateful for your comment. It’s great to be a part of a community of bloggers with people like you who are in it to change lives and share ideas, stories, and tales 🙂 Thank you!

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