Part 3 | Strengths and Living Our Fullest Potential

PotentLifeMarch 11, 2016

5 Ideas, 3 Questions, and an Action

Five Ideas

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Let’s imagine that our 100 year-old self and our 9 year-old self got together for tea and had a conversation about the current state of our life.

What would they LOVE about us? What areas of our lives would they praise us for and share their pride for our accomplishments? What would they notice? Where would their ideas overlap? Would they suggest any changes? What would they advise us to do and why?

When we focus on living from our strengths, we are focusing on living from authentic places of self. Our strengths form the foundation of who we are. In some ways, they represent what we are here to do with our lives. They provide the frame around our purpose. Our strengths were there when we were children, they are here with us today, and they will still be there when we turn a hundred.  

We learn to live from our strengths by first observing what lights us up and acknowledging it and naming it. Once we’ve named it, we can begin reflecting on it and thinking about it more. And, that is the first step: thinking about our best self. Reason why that is important is this: What we think about most, we get more of. Think about it.

Three Questions

Where do I want to be in my life in five years?

Am I taking daily action to get there?

What is one new action that I could start taking TODAY to begin and/or continue working toward this vision?

An Action

Desired Result: Change Your Mood (with a few words)

Concrete Action: Discover and Use Your “Happy” Word

Despite being virtually everywhere at all times, language remains powerful. It’s an invisible thing that can touch our deepest self and trigger physical responses from our bodies. Words alone can make us weep with joy or sadness. They can give us chills, make us vomit, or make us blush. Words. Invisible as they are, words affect us.

So, learning how to use their power to our advantage can be a real game changer. Today’s exercise is easy.

Step One: Close your eyes and consider one word that makes you feel happy, powerful, and free (ex. love, freedom, hope).

Step Two: Close your eyes and consider one person who makes you feel happy. It can be anyone—famous, friend, family, fictional, etc.—just be sure that they are in some way an inspiration to you and your best self.

Step Three: Write each word in BIG letters on a single sheet of paper and stare at it. Set your timer for 2 minutes and repeat each word—either out loud, under your breath, or internally in your mind. Repeat them over and over again and really feel the feelings that they represent while you do so.

Step Four: Feel better about life.

Be your greatness. Start. Do. Go.

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