Part 2 | Strengths and How To Feel Awesome All the Time

ThoughtsLifeEDITMarch 23, 2016


5 Ideas, 3 Questions, and an Action

Five Ideas for Feeling Awesome All the Time

The following four planning actions can serve as total keys to feeling awesome all the time. The guiding idea here is this: Our morning begins the night before. See if anything clicks.

Plan it out the night before: Goals. As Logan Whitehill says, “Start writing out the night before what you plan on doing the next day. Your subconscious mind plans it out while you sleep and makes it easier to stay on track.” This works! Instead of waking up and making a plan as you go, plan it out the night before while that day’s victories and challenges are still fresh. Allow some time for the big ideas to percolate over night so that by the time you wake up they are familiar as opposed to surprises.

Plan it out the night before: Clothes. Cut decision making out of your morning routine by pre-selecting the clothes that you will wear the next day. Lay them out on the floor or on the couch or on hooks. Be sure to include socks, undies, and belt. If you carry things in your pockets, put that stuff in there too. This allows you to basically wake up and step directly into the day’s outfit. 

Plan it out the night before: Meals. If you haven’t tried the following action even once in your life, try it now. Prepare your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the following day the night before. If you eat cereal, pour your bowl and cover it so that it’s waiting for you—the next morning: add milk and go. If you make bacon and eggs with black coffee, assemble the ingredients in one spot in the fridge, grind the coffee and prep the machine. Do the same for lunch and dinner. If you work outside of the home, pack your lunch and have it all ready to go, even if it means having a paper lunchbag in the fridge overnight.

Plan it out the night before: Fun. Each day, give yourself something pleasurable to look forward to for the next day and write it on a piece of paper before bed. It can be something small like “I will take a nap at 1:00 pm” or “I will call and connect with so-and-so” or “I will get my favorite pastry at my favorite shop.” This will give your mind something to focus on as you sleep, then, as you move about your day you will have something fun engrained into your mindset about the pleasures of life that day.

Three Questions 

Who is the most awesome person of all time that you know personally?

Is feeling awesome always the same feeling? If not, what are the different levels, types, and ways of feeling of it?

If I were an animal which one would I be and why?

An Action

Desired Result: Shake up Your Wake Up

Concrete Action: Commit to one new action for a better morning

You’ve heard the saying, “Practice what you preach” and with this action you’ll be asked to “Practice what you read.” It’s right there, mapped out in front of you. Above you will find five concrete actions that take about 5 minutes to perform. Pick one and commit to practicing it for 10 days in a row. If you like your results, do it for another 10 days in a row. Repeat and repeat until it is your new normal…then, pick a new action from the above list and work it in.

Be your greatness. Start. Do. Go.

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