Part 1 | Strengths and Adding Our Unique Value to the World


April 19, 2016


5 Thoughts

As a culture it can seem that we are obsessed with the notion of bigger is better.  At times, it’s as if more-more-more is the only way to improve.

So much so that it may even seem like the only ways that we can even identify growth of any kind is by being louder, brighter, and more massive and extreme than before.

In doing so, we neglect the value added to our shared human experience by those who develop subtle virtues like: patience, open-mindedness, active listening, clear-sightedness, and balance.

Einstein said that Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

In that way, when we have a narrow definition of what growth can be, we put blinders on to the value that we add to the world.  When we compare our unique value to someone else’s—and leave no room for anything more—we risk comparing apples to oranges and fish to reptiles.

3 Questions

Looking back on the last 1000 days, how have I grown as a person?  Be specific, name specific examples.

What makes me unique, what are my qualities?

How do I add my unique value to the world each day?

One Action

Spread Gratitude, Start a Domino Effect:  Open your text messages and scroll down the the very bottom (aka Those whom you haven’t messaged in a while).  Pick 3 or four and send them the simplest message: “I am grateful for you.”  Or, if that feels too intense or out of character, try: “I was thinking of you, hope you are well.”

Be your greatness. Start. Do. Go.

Circle Photo

Zach Carlsen is the grateful lead blogger at

His strengths of Ideation, Connectedness, Input, Strategic, and Empathy have taken him all over the world.  He is an inventor, athlete, joyous wanderer/wonderer, translator, poet, and Transformation Coach.

Connect with him:


Twitter: @zstrengthslife

Facebook: Zachary Carlsen

5 thoughts on “Part 1 | Strengths and Adding Our Unique Value to the World

  1. 1000 days, that’s going back a long way. Some thought provoking questions and ideas here Zach that I will take to heart and ponder. And I like the domino affect of spreading gratitude. That’s an action that can be easily taken.

    Liked by 1 person

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