Part 1 | Strengths and How Change Occurs


May 10, 2016 


Making positive and lasting changes in our lives can sometimes seem like an overwhelming, complicated, or impossible task.  At times, it might seem and feel like we are in a rut, spinning in circles, and that there is no clear way out.  And, that might be true, in one sense—that is, that there is no clear way out—but, when we have had enough and are ready to take action, there is always a way out.  That “way” is called: action.

That said, in order to take action, it is wise to consider our strengths, to be sure, and it is also wise to assess what type of action best suits the changes that we are trying to make.  Change is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.

However, when it comes down to it, there are really only three major categories that lasting changes fall into.  They can be considered in the following ways: The Tooth Brushing Type, The Haircut Type, and The Scar Type.

The Tooth Brushing Type:  Consider this, if we want to have stronger and healthier teeth, we cannot just brush our teeth really well one day and then call it good for a while.  No, in order to have lasting dental hygiene, we need to brush our teeth everyday.  There is no easy way around that one—it’s just the way it is.  This is a daily maintenance action, and certain changes in our lives follow this same model.  For example, if we want to grow stronger, we cannot just lift weights for 10 hours one day and expect results—instead, we need to take consistent action over the long term to realize our goal.

The Haircut Type: This is the type of change that requires periodic and specific attention—much like getting a haircut.  Like The Tooth Brushing Type, we cannot just one day get a really short haircut and hope to never need one again.  However, unlike The Tooth Brushing Type, we do NOT need to get a haircut each and everyday.  So, for this type of change, we need to take a concentrated action every few weeks or months for it to be fixed and lasting.  These types of actions are things like: regular visits to the chiropractor, naturalpath, or doctor; revising our budget; intermittent fasting; staying in touch with friends and developing relationships, taking vacations to recharge, getting massages, cleaning out the closet, and paying monthly bills.  We don’t need to do these things daily, but we do need to do them sometimes if we plan on thriving and staying on course.

The Scar Type:  This is the type of change that most people, at some point or another, wish could be all changes.  That is because The Scar Type is the action that amounts to this: Once and then done.  It is an action that we take once and then move past it: it is permanent and it’s not going anywhere.  Changes that fall into this category include: choosing to exit/end a toxic relationship, quitting a habit once and for all, learning a new skill (like riding a bike, which you never forget), and paying off a debt.  When it’s done (and truly committed to with all of our heart) it’s D.O.N.E.  This type of change is the rarest because it requires what can be called “massive action”.  These changes are largely decisions, which tend to feel difficult, but that feel amazing when they are implemented.  The Scar Type changes our lives in an instant—we go from living in one state to living in another state immediately and swiftly.

So, what type of change suits your needs, desire, and vision right now for the sort of shift that you are trying to make?

Be your greatness. Start. Do. Go.

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