Part 2 | How to Live in the Present Moment


June 1, 2016

So, we live in a cultural climate of instantaneousness, urgency, lavishness, and options.  Okay, now what?

It’s clear that these are not “bad” things.  However, too much of a good thing can be a burden—let’s call this the “burden of choice”.  That means, we may have so many opportunities that we become overwhelmed and opt to do nothing at all, instead of choosing just one.

Rising parallel to this phenomenon of abundance is this message: Be present in the moment.  Or, in the words of Ram Das, “Be here now.”

In some ways, it is a perfectly contradictory point of comparison.  Which is to say, while all around us we are experiencing a dizzying array of opportunities and stimuli, we are simultaneously hearing “stay in the moment” and “keep your head where your feet are”.

And, it’s no accident.  Many times, when the outer world is screaming one message, the inner world is screaming it’s polar opposite.  Spiritual leaders have been instructing us with messages like “share love with those who challenge us most” because they are the ones who need it the most.  Meaning, while on the outside these people might feel toxic and stressful, it is not an occasion to fight fire with fire.  In a phrase: Darkness dissolves in the light.

So, it’s not a mistake that when we are faced with overpowering distractions, we would be simultaneously guided to stay present and focused.

With all of that in mind, if we can acknowledge the presence of this polarity, we can begin to do something about it.  Awareness being the first step…what is second step?

The next move is to create some time to practice being present.  For some, this might look like meditation or prayer.  For others, this might look like making a schedule and blocking off time to “do nothing”.  Some may even choose to pause or set aside a project in order to do less and be (present) more.

With all of this available time to fill, it may be more important now than ever to fill it with…nothing.

How often do we set aside time to do nothing?  Is there a (deeper) reason that we stay constantly connected, plugged in, and distracted?

Be your greatness. Start. Do. Go.

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Zach Carlsen is the grateful lead blogger at

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8 thoughts on “Part 2 | How to Live in the Present Moment

      1. Something went badly wrong with my initial response and I could do nothing about it. Sorry !
        I recharge in various ways, but one of my favourites is a weekly meditation I take for a friend. I do a live creative meditation that at the same time takes me really deep as well. I never quite know beforehand where I will be guided to go. I follow my intuition. Several times lately it has included lengthy periods of silence floating in the still point of ‘nothing and everything’ 🙂

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  1. My “NOW” is a needy 89 yr old father, an inpatient psychiatric admissions unit, a new house/home, a failed attempt at losing weight, and sleep deprivation. I need help yesterday.

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