Why Achievers Matter


NOTE: For the next 34 weeks the Strengths Shot will focus on a single StrengthsFinder theme and dive deeply into it and explore its nuances, applications, and how knowledge of it can improve the quality of life for us all.

Even if you don’t know what the StrengthsFinder is, you will likely identify with what is written in these posts.  Maybe YOU are like the person being described or, perhaps, you know someone else who is.  The idea is to dive deeply into what makes us tick and to look at ways of truly connecting and embracing one another for who we truly are, not who we want one another to be. 

Each Strengths Shot will have a description of the theme, an explanation about why we should care about this theme, and then a list of 10 things to know about ourselves and others with this theme.  Importantly, one of the BIG ideas from the StrengthsFinder is that it gives us a shared language and a lens to see, appreciate, and, ultimately, love one another.  So, in these writings, I have tried to create a personal development resource that may help us all better understand one another.  Please enjoy.

What Is the ACHIEVER Theme

There is a drive and an inner-fire present in the lives of those who embody this theme.  They are productive and, generally, self-starting and self-fueling.  They rarely need prodding to get things done.  The day isn’t over until something has been objectively accomplished.  They are not big on theoretical achievements or simple participation—they want results, something that can be pointed to and crossed off of the list.  When Achievers go on vacation, for example, they like to do things and generally make the rounds on wherever they visit.  They place a high value on actions that produce tangible outcomes.

Why Should We Care

These are the people who get things done—they may even seem obsessed with it—so, when the going gets tough, Achievers are the ones to help us push through.  They are the ones who set the pace, buckle down, and deliver results.  They may never be satisfied with what they’ve done, which means they are always hungry for more and newer challenges.  They help us all take projects, plans, and visions out of the theoretical and into the actual.

Ten Things to Know About People with ACHIEVER

1.  Stamina.  These folks have stamina when it comes to work.  Long hours and pushing through can actually be sources of energy for them.

2.  To-Do Lists.  They are big on them.  They may even write something down that they’ve already done, just so that they can cross it off.

3.  Sleep.  Achievers might not need as much sleep as the rest of the world.

4.  Dissatisfaction.  Like the US interstate system, the work of Achievers is never fully finished.  Part of their fuel is, in fact, dissatisfaction.

5.  Daily Life.  Each day is new, a blank canvas, and the value is in doing, finishing, and doing more.

6.  Depression and Anxiety.  Accomplishment is a true source of life for them.  Without continuous achievement and ongoing projects, Achievers can feel depression, existential, and anxious.

7.  Pausing.  Achievers have a hard time slowing down to smell the flowers and count the wins.

8.  Relaxing.  The thought of relaxing can actually be stressful.  They might relax by doing something, i.e. folding laundry, taking a class, organizing a drawer, or balancing their accounts.

9.  Multitasking.  They might place a high value placed on multitasking, even when it seems unnecessary, i.e. doing sudoku puzzles during Netflix, taking lots of notes during a lecture, listening to podcasts while gardening.

10.  Other People.  Achievers place a high value on the work ethic of others.  They may seek out the company of other hard workers.


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Zach Carlsen is the grateful lead blogger at StrengthsLife.com

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