What Analytical People Reveal About Us


What Is the ANALYTICAL Theme

People with the Analytical theme love data, research, and rational, linear lines of thinking.  For them, there is an intrinsic value in the explanation of a concept, the proof.  It is their instinct to ask “Why?” and “How do you know?” and “How did we get here?”.  Even if something seems true or obvious, they still like to know why.  And, if there are facts, stats, and figures available—even better.  They like to know the details, the whys and the hows, and the tangibles before they accept an idea, a claim, or a position on an issue.  They are not afraid to poke at another’s thinking, testing its validity and overall soundness.  Nor are they afraid to change their own mind if better evidence surfaces for a different viewpoint.  For them, it isn’t rude to challenge someone else’s thinking because they are constantly challenging their own thinking.  They pride themselves on their objectivity and their ability to remain detached and calm, even in highly charged situations.  Theories don’t impress them much either.  They feel most alive in their thinking when they can be rigorous and unrestrained in their questioning, fact-checking, and research.  Their desire for objectivity reveals truths sometimes hidden under layers at the core of our world and our lives.

Why Should We Care

These are the people who are naturally wired to seek answers.  They prove/disprove and then explain.  And, they do this by asking questions, gathering facts, and doing research.  We can count on them to be able to back-up what they are talking about—and they expect the same from others.  The latter can draw out the best in us, by encouraging rigor and excellence.  People with the Analytical theme are adept at finding patterns as well as the underlying structures of a problem, thought, or situation.  They are happy to dig in deep and find out what is or is not working in an idea, scenario, or organization.  Sorting through and synthesizing huge quantities of information, data, and research may be energizing for them.  It sets and resets their compass points.  From there—from a place of objective clarity—they skillfully structure their ideas, layer them, and formulate bulletproof conclusions.

Ten Things to Know About People with ANALYTICAL

1. Trust. At their core, what they bring is straightforwardness. Their worldview is, in a sense, provable; it is backed by facts and careful research.  While it can be irksome to some, we can, in the end, trust them—really truly trust them.

2. Tact. Finding the right words and the appropriate tone is the ongoing work of Analytical folks who, when seeking clarity, can be perceived as unnecessarily critical, dismissive, or rigid.

3. Outcomes. What they rely on to create their world is that which is provable, and that which can be shared.  It may not be enough for them to simply reach a given outcome, they may need to know specifically why the conclusion was such.

4. Emotion. For someone who is highly Analytical, emotion isn’t necessarily viewed as a virtue. The feelings of others as well as their own feelings may, in fact, seem inconvenient, baffling, or slightly problematic for them.

5. Patterns. They have a knack for patterns and they have a generalized fondness for that which can be repeated, reproduced, and replicated.  Things with distinct, identifiable beginnings, middles, and ends have a solid resonance with them.

6. Spock. They love logic.  Don’t be surprised if an Analytical person verbally identifies as being “logical”.  It can be a comfort for them to state it explicitly so that others know.

7. Intuition. Analytical folks can have the tendency to dismiss that which cannot be quantified—like dreams, the visions of others, and fringe ideas.  Their intuition, however, is intact.  It manifests as their instinct to test and challenge the world.

8. Answers. They generally dislike feelings of limbo.  It’s particularly important for them to determine where they stand on an issue and why.  They may go to great lengths researching a topic to avoid feeling or appearing wishy-washy.

9. Grey. For some, their thinking can appear a bit black and white.  That is, things are either all one way or all another.  When this is clearly the case, it’s okay to ask them why they think or feel that way.  Many folks with Analytical actually enjoy being asked to support their ideas and explain them to others.

10. They may show love and support in nuanced ways.  For example, they may feel like they’re doing someone a favor by challenging their idea or thinking because it will lead to a stronger, more solid argument.  They are also big on acts of service as a way of showing love—something that produces a result.

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Zach Carlsen is the grateful lead blogger at StrengthsLife.com

His strengths of Ideation, Connectedness, Input, Strategic, and Empathy have taken him all over the world.  He is an inventor, athlete, joyous wanderer/wonderer, translator, poet, and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.

3 thoughts on “What Analytical People Reveal About Us

  1. Zach, I have too long been absent from reading your blog. Life…… It always inspires me read your posts. I can think of several Analyticals and the description you offer is spot on ! Actually, it has given me a few very valuable insights too. Thank you 🙂

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