What Futuristic People Can Teach Us About Living Here and NOW


What Is the FUTURISTIC Theme

Futuristic people are the ones in our lives who naturally dwell in what is possible—their focus is on what could be, not on what is or what has been.  In their eyes, the horizon is the most important feature of any landscape, both inner and outer.  For them, the future is a source of life as well as a positively grounding force.  That is, they make sense of the present—the current moment—based upon a vision of what is to come.  Because their perspective centers around possibilities, there is an inextinguishable optimism in their thinking.  A situation that feels bleak to others may feel rich with opportunity to Futuristic folks.  The future is limitless, undifferentiated potential; it is the spring from which the present moment is constantly flowing.  The very idea of it is energizing.  So, one of their favorite questions is, “What if?”  And, they don’t like to stop there, instead they like to figure out how to turn a vision into a reality.  It is nourishing for them to bring an idea into such clarity that others, too, can see and experience it.  They can be tireless in their innovation, knowing that the world will never be “complete” but it can always be added to and explored further.  Through them, we have access to our own and the world’s untapped powers.  They meet us where we are and then push us to identify what and where we all could be.

Why Should We Care

These are the people who can see that which is on the horizon with vivid clarity.  Their instinct is to direct their gaze down the line to see and anticipate what is next; they are very good at predicting things.  So, when it comes to being both excited and prepared about what is to come, these people show us the way.  They have a particular knack for seeing around corners—and they generally do so with optimism.  For them, it is a future of solutions, not problems.  They are great with build-from-scratch scenarios and are naturally entrepreneurial.  Their vision of the future is unique because it does not dismiss the here and now, instead it places it at one end of a spectrum.  That is, the present is a reference point and there can be no future without it—so, their questioning might look like this, “What can we do now to get to what is next?”  They teach us how to build bridges through time.

Ten Things to Know About People with FUTURISTIC

1. Action. While Futuristic is a visionary strength, it is also one of action.  It is not enough for them to just have the big idea, they also need to feel like they are moving toward it, creating it.

2. Staying Inspired. They may choose to share their big ideas with others, ultimately, because they want to move their vision into reality; and they know that by putting it out there they are creating outside accountability. This staves off procrastination and builds motivation.

3. The Past. The past is not super interesting to them and it is not likely to be a valuable, or valid, reference point in their thinking. Saying “Remember last time?” or “In the past this didn’t work” is not generally significant to them, it may even be annoying.

4. Persuasion. Because they can see what others cannot, Futuristic people are always developing their art of persuasion—of getting others to see what they see.  Sometimes they will go it alone on certain projects, just so that others have something concrete to look at and understand the initial vision.

5. Presence. Futuristic does not mean ‘head in the clouds’.  If anything, these people have a greater, more highly tuned impression of the present moment than the average person.  This is because they are naturally and continually taking the elements of the here and now into their calculations about what is to come.

6. Fear. Left unchecked, their thinking can go both ways.  These folks may find themselves with an elaborate and instantaneous ability to envision worst-case scenarios, too.  These thoughts can feel intrusive.

7. Collaboration. They naturally value others’ skills because they know that more can always be done together.  Finding others who can help take their ideas out of the ether and into the world is always on their radar.  For them, witnessing an idea materialize borders on euphoria.

8. Dismissed. As kids, many people with futuristic were dismissed for their inability to articulate and express the nature of their thoughts, ideas, and impressions.  As adults, they may be shy to open up initially, or hold back until they feel that trust has been established.

9. Claustrophobia. Futuristic people value spaciousness.  This means, one, not having their ideas shot down right away and, two, having time and space to play with ideas and envision them from all angles.  For them, not be constrained to “what is” is freedom.

10. Love. Because they love to dwell in possibility, the simple act of dreaming out loud with them can create a powerful sense of closeness.  Even asking them to “Say more” can feel like an “I love you.”


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Zach Carlsen is the grateful lead blogger at StrengthsLife.com

His strengths of Ideation, Connectedness, Input, Strategic, and Empathy have taken him all over the world.  He is an inventor, athlete, joyous wanderer/wonderer, translator, poet, and Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.


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